What we do

The Community Oven is a mobile wood-fired oven which sells home-made pizzas and bread. We will be running a take-away pizza service in Heathfield, East Sussex and the local villages on Tues-Thurs evenings from January 2016.

We are also available for private parties, festivals and weddings in the local area. 

Nourishing the Community

We have a passion for good food, people and our local community. Our aim is to work with all parts of our local community to bring people together through nourishing, tasty, locally-sourced food. We are a Community interest Company which means our driving force isn't to make money but have a positive impact on the place where we live. 

In order to achieve this we will give a percentage of our profits to local community projects. We also work closely with young people in the local community by training and developing them to give them the business skills for life.

In mid 2016 we will be launching a community bakery to help local people get involved in baking real bread and of course meeting each other to build those all important connections with each other that makes life worth living.

Basically we're a community hub on wheels helping to connect people.


All photos on this site where taken by Damien Pestell in his exploits to change the world, even if its only a little bit.