The last 8 weeks have been , hmmm how do I describe them. Tricky… I don’t have time to talk about all of it in 500 words but I thought I’d focus on the last few weeks instead and save the rest for another time.

I know that some people read this blog who know me and some who don’t, some people may think it’s a bit strange perhaps, some people identify with parts of it, for me it’s a voice for what happens in my life I think and I’m pleased I get to express my views in this method as honestly as possible, because we all want to be heard right? In fact I don’t just think we want to be heard, I think that really we want is to be understood.

So, I got back from India exactly 4 weeks ago, I went there for few different reasons, I think the most socially acceptable one was to say I was volunteering with a social enterprise (which was true), so I mainly used that one. The second one was to say that I was looking into opening an Indian food truck and I was going to learn about Indian cooking (also true), but I was also going because I was feeling lost (very true), when I booked my flight I’d had enough of the UK and I just wanted to leave and maybe never come back.

It’s funny though how as soon as you plan your escape things start to go better, more than once has this phenomenon happened in my life. Everything seems crap, you try for years to improve things, then you say sod it, im out of here and then everything starts to go right (to a degree), if there are any psychologists reading this perhaps they could enlighten me with the answer?

So, anyway.. I got back 4 weeks ago. One of the things that struck me immediately about returning home was how quiet it was and interestingly how polite everybody seemed to be. As I traveled through Heathfield high street at 6pm on Sat 9th April, there didn’t seem to be anybody in.

So things that have happened since I returned. Congratulations to Bruce and Lisa Pestell for allowing me to be an Uncle again and welcome to the world Jeanie Pestell, I promise I’ll be a good uncle to you.

On the work front I got a call from a well known broadcaster (begins with B and ends in C) about making a food truck for the forthcoming election campaign. Now, I’d like to analyse this for a second and bring my friend fate into the conversation. Ask and you shall receive, only a few days before I was thinking it would be quite cool to not only sell street food but also to make more food trucks for other people to sell street food, I was thinking more along the lines of helping start ups get off the ground with a cool horsebox but then I got an email from said broadcaster.

So, my every waking hour for the last 20 days has been spent either making or thinking about making the ‘Butty Van’. It took me 6 months to build the first food truck, 10 weeks to build the second and we’ve just build 3 & 4 in 3 weeks, which is pretty amazing and testament to what you can do when you put your mind to something. Also, I’d like to thanks fate for delivering me 2 x middle-aged, slightly overweight angels in Kev and Dave, who have been incredible and made this project possible and also quite good fun.

I’m over my 500 word limit so I have to finish now, but thanks for reading and don’t be afraid to ask fate for what you need and planning an escape can enable you to realise what you do have is what you need.

We invite you to be a part of our vision & to make a difference