I have a confession to make, it has been playing on my mind! 23 years ago (1995) i walked from Punnetts Town to Broad Oak (Heathfield) on a pilgrimage with my friends to a special site, almost magical, perhaps even mythical? It was the day of the Heathfield show and famous five style we had been planning an audacious break-in!

It was late May and it was without question the day of the most significant event in Heathfield’s calendar of events (not too hard i hear you cry!). For (what felt like) weeks me and my friends had watched in awe as a humble field was transformed into the most exciting place in the world, nay, the universe.

After a long and arduous journey, our mission was successful and we managed to avoid the, then exorbitant entrance fee of £5! ) A kings ransom by a 13 year-olds standards and half a weeks wages from my paper round). We wreaked some havoc on that day at the show, as we were little tearaways, so i ask forgiveness for that but probably not for breaking in as it was amazing fun!

Tomorrow, I return to the Heathfield show! This time I have paid quite a lot more than i should have done back then (karma?) in order to feed the travelers who have successfully navigated their way to the special field. I have in the last few weeks experienced a great deal of nostalgia seeing the tents go up as i drive past every day, thinking that there was still a lot to do on Monday, it was with great admiration that as i drove past after work today i saw that it was ready to receive people in the morning.

When i was a 13 year old, i didn’t really know what the Heathfield show was, i just got excited because it was something happening in the sleepy town i lived in. 23 years later i’m still not entirely sure what the Heathfield show is, but i do know that its a good thing! That there will be children going (but not sneaking in as its now free for under 16’s, so that would be ridiculous) and I hope they are in awe of what it is.

Community events are so important, tomorrow I will see my friends from the rugby club working in the car park and i will see so many faces from every part of my current and past life (please don’t ask for free pizza as i have to sell a lot to break-even ;-)) from the local community and i think at least it will give me a warm feeling of belonging to an area which i have belonged to (sometimes reluctantly) my whole life.

So, have a good time tomorrow everyone, and do pop in and say hello if you know us or even if you don’t!


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