Hello 2018, you little rascal.

The road is long and winding, and pretty overgrown, it changes before your eyes and there are people you meet along the way who want you to walk this path and there are others who you meet who really don’t.

They want to direct you back to the tarmacked road, where most people are. Sometimes these people/thoughts can be very persuasive and you think “yes, i want to walk on that shiny road over there with everyone else”, “i must be mad thinking i could walk on this road, which is completely overgrown when i don’t have a map, or a guide, or a compass or even a smart phone with google maps” (since I ditched my smart-phone! Good riddance to the bugger)

I met a lot of naysayers in the latter half of 2017 and I must admit that i started to listen to the them, they appeared apparition-like inside and outside of my mind.

After a long period of doing everything differently (or just my way) i just wanted to be like everyone else. I wanted to have a regular job again and i wanted to be doing the things that all my friends were doing.

It’s a funny thing society, when you lose your way, society has your back (or so it tells you). Come this way young(ish) man, how old are you? Ah 35, well, ok you need to be doing this right now, you’re not doing it, Oh my god… don’t panic, if you hurry up you might catch up with the others… Quick they’re getting away, look they are all married and have adorable children. If you do it soon you might get invited to more things.

Anyway back to reality..

So 2017 was a toughie, but I think a corner has been turned and things are feeling much more positive.

We launched our new website this week thanks to the lovely guys at Sokada. It has literally taken me a whole year to get the thing designed, built and made. Mainly because i was trying to do it on the cheap (outsourcing to India has its shortcomings). Also thanks to Jayasri who designed the site. I think a new website is in a very small way kind of like having a child, its great, but no one really cares as much as you about it.

I’ve worked every one of the days that has happened since Jan 1st 2018 (unusual for me) and its felt kind of effortless, of course there are some days when it’s hard to peel yourself out of bed. But I’ve found it incredible how sometimes energy just flows from somewhere and at other times its an extreme effort to put your socks on. So praise be to Allah, JC, Ganesha and Buddha that i have had so much energy this January, I know a lot of people are getting sick of the weather.

Also, had a new person join us this week, who you will be hearing from on social media over the next 4 weeks. Rich “The Butcher” Poole has come on board for a month to help Community Oven expand operations! We have grand plans to have another van on the road and do lots and lots of events this year. Rich’s first move was to give away a wedding, costing me £500 but he assures me that this will reap dividends and as people see how generous we are they will use us for their events instead of our evil nemeses pizza amore and pizza cucina.. Only joking guys, love what you do.

We’ve also been working on another side of the business which is building food trucks for new start-ups, but i’ll talk about that some other time.

This week i also met my wonderful business partner Dorothy Kirk, who has just recently got engaged to the lovely Lewis, congrats guys. We are in the process of planning our community work for the year. Our aim is to run more events which bring people together in their micro-community (street, road, cul-de-sac) through cooking and eating. If you’d like to help us with this and you live in Wealden/East Sussex we would really love to hear from you, as we can’t do it without you click here to find out more

Anyway that’s all for now, hope your 2018’s have started well and that you are walking your own path, and i hope that ours cross x

We invite you to be a part of our vision & to make a difference