What IS Community & why is it important?

For centuries, millenia, aeons (before Facebook) we, our ancestors lived very differently. We naturally lived in small groups called tribes. These tribes gave us a sense of belonging and identity.

As a species we have come a long way, we’ve created things which would have been unfathomable to our ancestors, some incredible, some disturbing. This progress has led to great economic growth and a complete change of society, the faster our advancements increase the more it impacts our way of life

The changes we have seen, even in the last 10 years have eroded community in many parts of our society. Our tribes have changed, they are digital tribes, Facebook groups, work colleagues, only direct family. How many people do you know on your street? And i mean know well?

This disconnection in a world of complete connection, this incredible paradox. We have lost what it is to be human, our fundamental need is to have a sense of place and be around people, Google “blue zones” and see what it says 😉

Have i persuaded you that Community is important?

What we aim to do

The mountain looms large, the path is long and arduous (and bloody overgrown!). But we have started to walk the path, we have taken some (painful sometimes, but worthwhile) steps up the mountain. And we can’t turn back!

We want to make a difference, but we are realistic about what that difference will be, we won’t change society as a whole but if we focus on our local area and the people (it’s all about the people) we can make a difference to our small world(s).

We want to bring people together through one of the most ancient ceremonies/rituals practiced by all of our ancestors since the day we crossed the rift valley. We want to cook and eat together! With you, yes you.

Below is some of the activities we have already embarked upon on our journey and we are open to new ideas and we need help, lots of help please, if you’d like to volunteer then we’d love to have you on board even if its just half an hour a month, it would be brilliant to have you.

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Our Community Projects

Here’s what we did in 2017, 2018 we are hoping for more of the same and some new things as well.

Children's Workshops

The children are our future! So we think it’s great to get them involved with cooking. We work with schools and activity companies to provide pizza-making classes and catering.

Street Parties

Knowing your neighbours is really, really important, the aim of our street parties is to bring neighbours together and form lasting relationships. It’s amazing what happens when you just close a street and bring people outside.

Sensory Work

For adults or children, slow-paced cooking preparation and eating together can be a very rewarding experience. The slow food experience.

Local Events

We Love local! We want to create spaces and opportunities for food and people top thrive. Anywhere, anytime, any place (within reason)

Action Groups

It’s not just about food, we like to get to know the other issues in the communities we operate in and help bring people together to solve these issues. Together we can make a difference (cheesy, but true)


Who We Are Looking For

If you’re reading this page, then probably you. Anyone who has an interest in food, cooking, their local area, people, a local cause, wanting to make a difference, if you have any spare time it would be greatly appreciated and you can be part of something special.

If you have a skill or an idea and a bit of time, even half an hour a month would be great we would love to talk to you and have you involved.

Make a difference

We are a social enterprise, we do things, we don’t just talk about it. If you’re the same then we would love to talk to you.

Cooking & Eating

We want to make time for cooking and eating together. If you have an idea around this or have experience with cooking or eating 😉 then lets talk!

Local Area

Think local, act local. We don’t want to be going to Glastonbury! We want to know our people and our area!

We invite you to be a part of our vision & to make a difference