Pizza for your Business event

As part of our expanding programme of events we are pleased to be able to offer our pizza van to businesses who would like hire us for catering at their event or who may like to try something different like team building through learning how to make pizzas.

How does it work?

We can attend any venue as long as we have access for a vehicle and the pizza van. We need to know how many people are attending the event so we know how many pizzas to bring along. We then turn up to your event approximately an hour before you would like us to start cooking.

How does the Pizza team building work?

Team building through cooking, followed by eating is an excellent way to bring people together with a nice reward at the end. The event will include the following:

  1. We will take colleagues through the dough making process and explain what makes the perfect pizza dough
  2. We will then go into the history of pizza making and how the pizza came about and the importance cooking with fire has had to the human race and the Italian food culture
  3. Then onto the fun part; we will teach attendees how to open a pizza dough ball the traditional Italian way with our Neapolitan pizza dough, we will bring a selection of toppings but if people would like to bring their own that is fine as well
  4. We will then show how to cook a pizza at 450 degrees in an authentic wood-fired pizza oven and how to manage the fire, each person will have a go at making and cooking their own pizza
  5. We will then all sit down together and enjoy the finished products and enjoy talking and eating!

Looking for a pizza van for your next business event?

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Our Business PAckages

Below are a few examples of the packages we offer, everything is customisable though and if you would like to discuss your requirements please contact us

Standard Package

50 pizzas for your event, cooked to order from our menu, perfect for smaller events and functions.

Prices from £500

Team Building Package

For 10 attendees we will provide all the ingredients and tuition to make your own pizza over the course of a 2 hour masterclass

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