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This novel idea was born from our company – community oven pizzas during lockdown to allow all of our pizza loving customers to enjoy one of our authentic Italian pizzas using all of our ingredients but in their own home.

Not only is it great fun to do with adults and children, it also tastes delicious! We are now able to post this kit nationwide so that our pizza reaches all of the far corners of the UK.

Delicious Recipes

This frying pan pizza kit contains everything you need to make 2 delicious tasting margheritas – great for couples, families and kids or as activity night with friends! If you like a little more add some different ingredients and really go to town (check out our recipe example page)

Share the Fun

Be sure to watch our instruction video to follow along as you make them, why not try throwing the dough in the air! it’s all part of the fun.

We would love to see your finished pizzas so please tag us on Instagram and share the joy!

Find us on Instagram @fryingpanpizza.co.

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