Who we are looking for

If you’re reading this page, then probably you. Anyone who has an interest in food, cooking, their local area, people, a local cause, wanting to make a difference, if you have any spare time it would be greatly appreciated and you can be part of something special.

If you have a skill or an idea and a bit of time, even half an hour a month would be great we would love to talk to you and have you involved.

Make a difference

We are a social enterprise, we do things, we don’t just talk about it. If you’re the same then we would love to talk to you.

Cooking & Eating

We want to make time for cooking and eating together. If you have an idea around this or have experience with cooking or eating 😉 then lets talk!

Local Area

Think local, act local. We don’t want to be going to Glastonbury! We want to know our people and our area!


We invite you to be a part of our vision & to make a difference