Why Community is important?

Research has proven that Social isolation or loneliness can be more damaging to health than smoking. We believe that the advancement of our society through economic and technological growth has come at the cost of human happiness. Convenience and efficiency has removed our need for local interactions, and modern society has slowly eroded community spirit in towns and villages throughout the country. Over the past 50 years especially we have rapidly accelerated from a community to an individual focussed society.

The impact has been on our relationships, the glue that holds people together has become far more brittle. Couples feel pressure as without local support pressure is put on the relationship, children don’t play with each other as much as they play through screens and don’t learn how to communicate with each other, people become isolated as their lives are moved online through work and play and the elderly can be forgotten as the care for them is outsourced away from the community and to care homes. This leads to an increase in modern issues such as depression and anxiety.

Especially in rural communities a lot of community hubs (pubs and churches) have closed or are no longer relevant and people don’t have a platform to connect, form and maintain close relationships.

What we aim to do

We deliver opportunities for people to come together in their communities through food-based events. We work with local people to tackle local issues by working with people who want to make an impact in their community.

Our food trucks deliver fantastic street food to the communities we operate in through weekly rounds, private events and local festivals which give us a platform and an audience to deliver our community projects.

Community Projects

Our Community projects are all aimed at connecting with different parts of our community and bringing people together through food. See this link for the correct images for each section

Children’s Workshops

The children are our future! So we think it’s great to get them involved with cooking. We work with schools and activity companies to provide pizza-making classes.

Street Parties

Knowing your neighbours is really important, the aim of our street parties is to bring neighbours together and form lasting relationships from younger to older.

Sensory Work

For adults with learning difficulties, slow-paced cooking preparation and eating together can be a very rewarding experience.

Local Events

We Love local! We want to create spaces and opportunities for food and people top thrive.

Action Groups

It’s not just about food, we like to get to know the other issues in the communities we operate in and help bring people together to solve these issues.

We invite you to be a part of our vision & to make a difference