Perfect Party Food

We have the perfect solution for any party you may be having using our mobile pizza catering we cater for a range of private and public events throughout East Sussex, West Sussex, Kent and beyond!

How Does it work for a party?

Like the best things in life, it’s simple… we bring one of our fleet of pizza vans to your private party, fire up our oven and cook pizzas to order from the menu which you decide!

How many pizzas do I get?

We bring as many pizzas as you like to the party, but we recommend that you budget 1 pizza per person. Some people will eat 2, perhaps even 3 but the less famished of your guests will be happy to share.

We work with you to decide how many pizzas we should bring and then we bring that exact amount with a few spares (in case our team get peckish ;-)..). We ask that you pay a deposit to reserve the date and then pay the final amount 2 weeks prior to the event. You can change the number of pizzas up until a week prior to your event though.

We booked the community oven team for a birthday party and they were absolutely brilliant. The pizza was delicious and the team were really friendly, would highly recommend.
Hannah Fosker, Sept 2017

What if there is food leftover?

This is a common fear, which fortunately 99% of the time is unfounded. If by some miracle there are pizzas left over at the end of the night we will cook these and they are great for your guests to take home with them, enjoy on their way home or tuck into for breakfast the next day.

How long does it take?

Good question, if you mean how long does the pizza take to cook? It’s 90 seconds from when it enters the oven (quick eh?). Or if you mean how long will it take us to cook all the pizzas? We can cook as many as 50-60 pizzas per hour, but we like to go with the flow and so we normally end up staying for a good few hours depending on how quickly the pizzas are ordered.

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Perfect Pizza PAckages

Below are a few options for packages that we can provide for your party. We can also have custom packages for you, so please contact us to discuss and we’d be happy to help

Starter Package - Intimate

50 pizzas for you and your guests, cooked to order from our menu, perfect for smaller events and parties.

Prices from £500

The Classic Package

Not too big and not too small, 100 pizzas to keep everyone happy, cooked to order from our menu!

Prices from £950


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