Meet our Team

We all have our specialities and when put together that provides the unique service of bringing people together through delicious food experiences.

Miles Young - Owner/Head Pizzaiolo

A fully trained pizzaiolo by an Italian chef. Miles can cook a mean Margherita and you won’t meet a nicer or harder working young person. Miles is currently studying for his Economics degree at Sussex University but has enough energy and vision for the future of his new business, he manages to juggle both study and running his new business. A budding entrepreneur!

Alison Foley - Owner/Head of Marketing

Business Partner- Alison thought that Community Oven was a great little business with huge potential and along with Miles they took over the business from Damien in September 2019. Her main roles are marketing, website updating and promotional activities. Alison has run numerous businesses in the past including a hotel, so has a vast array of hands on experience.

Kerry Slater

Kerry is a Brightonian with so much passion for her city and a desire to engage with people around her it is quite inspiring! We are working together to launch Community Oven in Brighton and is a fully trained pizzaiolo!

wood fired pizzas

Nathan Lawson

Nathan is an old hand of the Community Oven family and is one of our trained pizzaiolos. Nathan is a very fast learner, smart and ambitious. Great to have him on board!

Charlotte Foley

A new member of the Community Oven family, and the girlfriend of Miles. She joined the family when Miles and Alison took over the business in September. She is a fast learner and great with the customers.

Will Sutton

Another new member of the family and a good friend of Miles- Will also joined the family when Miles took over in September. A local young man with a bright future.

We invite you to be a part of our vision & to make a difference