What’s involved?

We offer Pizza Catering in Brighton for Weddings and are available to cater for your wedding in or near Brighton using our fabulous pizza van.

What’s the basics?

When we cater for your wedding we cook everything from scratch. We provide an interesting focal point with our vintage catering vans giving the perfect option for evening catering. We’re not a needy bunch, all we need is a level pitch and some hungry guests, other than that we can work anywhere! We will work with you to design a menu to tantalise even the most challenging of taste buds … from your traditional Neapolitan flavours to those from more far flung corners of the world.

We can cater for any number of guests, we just need to know how many in advance. All we need to secure your date is a deposit with the remainder payable 2 weeks before the event. It’s at this point we will also need you to confirm an accurate guest number too.

How many pizzas will you bring?

We really care about food waste so only bring the amount of pizzas that you ask us to. When you first make your enquiry we will work with you to calculate how many pizzas you will need to feed your hungry guests. Our pizzas are 9″ which is usually enough for the average wedding guest to soak up some of the fizz consumed earlier throughout the day.

Usually we suggest 1 pizza per guest, sometimes if you’ve had a small gap between the wedding breakfast and the evening food you can get away with a lower ratio of 70-80% pizza to people ratio. This is of course not exact, and we can’t calculate based on those guests who may have starved themselves for a week before attending your wedding in order to maximise their food consumption!

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How will it work on the day?

We normally rock up around an hour before you want us to serve the food. This allows us plenty of time to get our ingredients laid out, find a comfy spot and most importantly get the fire ready.

Our vans have a large hatch where guests can come and order their pizzas and enjoy a bit of a chat and banter with our pizzaiola’s. Our new-fangled ovens can cook an authentic Neapolitan pizza in just 90 seconds … even we can’t run out of things to talk about in that amount of time.

If for some strange reason your guests don’t manage to eat all the pizzas on the night we can cook the remaining stock and leave them for people to take home and enjoy the following day (if you’re a cold pizza for breakfast kind of person).

Our Wedding Packages

Whatever you need, we have a wedding package for you. All our packages can be customised so if you have any questions please contact us

Intimate Package

50 pizzas for your guests, cooked to order from our menu, perfect for smaller intimate weddings. 3 topping options from our menu selection

£450 + mileage

The Classic Package

Our most popular package, we cook 100 pizzas for your guests, cooked to order from our menu. 3 topping options and garlic bread from our menu selection

£825 + mileage

The Big Bash Package

For a large amount of guests, this is a feast we provide 150 pizzas, cooked to order from our menu with 4 menu toppings, and we provide an Italian street food buffet inc Arancini and Tiele.

£1,600 + mileage

The Custom Package

Pick what you would like, tell us how many people will be at your wedding and if you’d like pizza and Italian street food and we will suggest a package that works for you

£TBC + mileage


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